Sunday, September 10, 2006

The joy of bluebonnets in spring

I'm a bluebonnet girl
From my heart to my feet
and no springtime could ever be close to complete
until I have strolled through a bluebonnet field
and thrilled to the sound of the mockingbird's trill
~"Bluebonnet Girl," Bill & Bonnie Hearne

Just a photo from April, 2005, of one of the best parts of being back in Texas at long last. We went to the Hill Country to see my cousin and took loads of traditional bluebonnet pics. (I once pointed out to a friend that although some 95% of bluebonnet pictures also contain Indian paintbrush, they always say "bluebonnets" on the caption. He looked at numerous postcards during his sojourn in the state and said it held up just as I said.) I stupidly lay down among the flowers, which made for lovely pics, but also made for an emergency trip to Walgreen's to get every Benadryl product we could find when my hyperallergic immune system kicked into high gear...

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