Monday, March 10, 2008

Who SINGS this, and where can I get it?

Wake up, you sleepyhead

Get up, get out of bed

Wake up, the sun is shining

Stand up and touch your toes

Tell them it's time to go

You've got a lot to do today

This song pops into my head many mornings, Saturdays especially. They used to play it from time to time on 1530 AM in Raleigh, NC, on a Saturday-morning Christian radio show for children that I used to listen to in grad school. (And no, that's not a typo of "grade school." What can I say? It was relaxing!) Someday when we have kids around this place, I'm going to want to sing them that song, and in the meantime, I sing it to Marco from time to time. It's a delightful little tune, and I'd love to find a recording of it if only someone could tell me the artist(s)'s name(s). Thanks!

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